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7 Ideas to Refresh Your Home

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Following 7 simple ideas below to transform your home and still be under budget.

1. Paint the inner side of the door

Instead of the old same color, you could paint the inside of the door with an opposite color. This will bring out the brightness and surely lighten your room up.

2. Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights

Changing your existing lights with some new style bulbs will surely bring excitement during night times. Warm color bulb will add to those family times while other colors could be used in kid’s room or those in house entertainments.

3. Repaint cabinets

Kitchen cabinet

If your cabinets are too old, you try to repaint them. Your kitchen will look new without much cost as replacing. You could choose between staining to show off the classic wood grain or complete white/color paint to have a modern look. Add a few matching hardware too if you would.

4. Reposition windows curtains

Reposition your curtains with the top higher and wider on the sides than your actual windows. This will help the view to be wider and more elegant.

5. Laminate your wall with wooden tile

You could try this idea in your living or bath room. This will make the room look clean and add a natural beauty to it.

6. Paint or replace yours windows blinds


Adding pattern or some designs to your window blind to get a fun or vivid looks to your house, both inside and out.

7. Glass shelves

Instead of the old wood, metal shelves/cabinet, you could try some new glass/crystallize shelves for storage space. These will bring out the modern and simplicity look while making your house larger than it actually is.

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10 Ideas to Let Spring into Your Bedroom

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Category : Home Improvement

It’s time to makeover your bedroom for a new coming Spring!

1. New pillows case, sheets or bed set

New bed set

Changing the center of your room will surely refresh your room too. You could do this by simply by adding a new bed set or maybe a few items like sheets, pillow case, or a new comforter. For a spring feeling, try details like with flowers, leaves, bird, sky, etc; or heart and roses designs for those hot, steamy nights.

2. Adding wall painting

Adding or changing your existing painting will liven up the surrounding spaces and your mood too. You could place a peaceful sight or natural element painting over the headboard or by the windows. Coordinate that to your bed set and your room will look new and healthy.

3. Curtain

Replacing the thick and heavy winter curtains with those light, warm color to let spring coming through your windows. Imaging those light breezes and warming rays just behind those windows and ready for to see and feel the outside.

4. Fresh flower

Fresh flower pot on bedroom

It’s not spring if there’s no flower in place. Cutting a few from your gardens or get some from the neighborhood market for your room. You could also add a flower ring to the windows or on the rocking chair for a romantic feeling.

5. Planting

Planting some flowers right on the outside of your bedroom windows will add a lot to the scene. You could look at those beautiful flower everyday when waking up or enjoying them before a quick nap.

6. Rug


A cute rug will keep your feet warm and comfy while adding youthfulness to the room. You could place one by the door, in the center of room or next to your bed.

7. Decal

Decal is a quick and fun way to make change to your wall. The cost is minimal but could bring so much fun to the participants while making the room look so pretty.

8. Paint the wall or add new wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper

For a complete room make over, then painting or adding wallpaper will surely do, these are hard works and need more planning and dedication than decaling, however, the result will blow you away. You could try the pastel version of spring colors like yellow, teal, and blue, purple, pink, etc.

9. Lamp

Place some nice decal or detailer to your lamps will bring out their lives. This is an easy fix for a quick spring transforming.

10. Open that Windows

We used to close the door and keep the windows tight to save heat in the winter. This spring, open your door; pull up the blind or even your window to let the fresh air in. The sun will help kill those bacteria and keep the room warm.